Problems with export my shotcut project

Greeting everyone, it gives me problems when it comes to exporting a 13-minute video with 21 layers of frames, it is a 4K video. It takes about 4 hours to reach up to 97% and then stops. In the export record he puts this

checking VFR: pkt.duration 512
[h264 @ 0000021a99f2e940] Reinit context to 3840x2160, pix_fmt: yuv420p
[h264 @ 0000021a99f2e040] decode_slice_header error
[h264 @ 0000021a99f2e040] no frame!
[h264 @ 0000021a99f336c0] Cannot allocate memory.
[h264 @ 0000021a99f336c0] Could not allocate memory
[h264 @ 0000021a99f336c0] h264_slice_header_init() failed[producer avformat] C:/Users/User/Desktop/ISTA h Arka/Stories/1/noche.mp4
video avcodec_send_packet failed with -12
Found unknown-length element with ID 0xFF at pos. 0x79de5ac2 for which no syntax for parsing is available.
[mlt_pool] out of memory

if someone can give me a solution I would appreciate it very much

I think this entry in the logfile is relevant. See here for suggestions on how to reduce yomemory usage:

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