Problem with white balance filter

SC 23.06.14 portable.set to “Dark” theme.

I’ve used the white balance filter eyedropper tool to select what should be “white” on previous versions of SC without any problem and it’s been quite intuitive. However with V23.05.14 when I click the eyedropper cursor on a white area, the entire frame turns black and the “neutral color” swatch in the filter settings also goes from grey to black. Help please. It doesn’t matter if I do a single click on the white region or drag a small rectangle to attempt getting an average white reading. What am I doing wrong that I wasn’t doing wrong before?


It is working for me on 2 different Windows systems - one 10 and one 11. You might want to try the 23.07 beta version as it has a new version of Qt GUI library that might help. It might be related to the Direct3D on your system since that is the technology used to display the video you are sampling (and Qt used to grab it).


Please read this discussion:

The suggested workaround is: Instead of using the White Balance eyedropper, open the color dialog (1) and use its picker (2).

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On Windows it might depend on which screen you are using in a multi-monitor setup.

Thanks to both Dan and MusicalBox as both of your responses led me to different, but equally good solutions. But this is so strange; I’ll explain in a sec.

Firstly, wrt my setup, the PC is a HP 840G1 laptop (old, yes, but still works great and I’ll be sad to see it go when Win10 goes off support), running 2 monitors one being the laptop’s own screen and a 23" LG beside it. I’m running the displays in “extended” mode, the SC main editing screen is on the LG and the filters and other supporting windows are on the HP.

Now. WRT MusicalBox’s suggestion, yes using the colour picker available on the palette instead of the eyedropper works fine. Of course the only limitation is that it can only pick from one pixel, so I have to be careful but it does work ok for what I’m doing. Thanks for that.

Dan’s observation about this function being monitor-dependent piqued my interest so I swapped the SC windows, putting the editing screen on the HP and the filter window on the LG. Lo !! Now the eyedropper works correctly. If I put things back to have the main SC window on the LG the eyedropper will always set the neutral colour to black. Doesn’t matter what colour I pick with the eyedropper or whether it’s a single click or an area selection, it always goes to black, but picking a colour (usually white) from the palette works ok. Curious, eh? Who would ever think that some functions are dependent on what part of the screen real estate the various windows occupy?

I do remember now that in the past I did have things arranged with the SC editing window on the HP screen and the filters etc windows on the LG but I changed it to the current arrangement recently so as to have more space for the editing window. To answer my own initial question, what I wasn’t doing wrong before was to have luckily chosen to put the SC windows on the correct screens.

At any rate, thanks to you both for the quick and helpful response on this point.




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