Problem with gameplay on YouTube

Hello everyone!
I record gameplay with OBS!
After recording locally the video is perfect but after publishing I don’t like it very much!
for the moment I’m using the following settings on OBS and then upload it directly to youtube! the problem with this process is the size of the files!
consequently i am using to edit ShotCut i would like to know what settings to use

So youtube is downgrading your video or shotcut is not exporting it well?

Cuz I also dont like how it looks on youtube no matter what video editor I use

(I’m new btw I’m not an admin xd)

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in local just registered is perfect but weighs from 40gb to 70gb!
Shotcut exports it well and weighs from 6gb to 8gb!
but later on youtube i don’t like how you see in the gameplay scenes

You are not alone youtube been compressing videos lately
I can make an example
my videos looks good on a phone
Looks way too pixelated on a TV
Look alright on a monitor ( not a huge monitor tho )

on the phone it is normal that they look good!
i record videos at 1080p @ 60fps! on a PC screen, however, the outlines of the character are very blurred!
I have seen other videos of the same genre on youtube and they are perfect to be on youtube

on the web I found a solution if you can say so!
recommend to upscale the video (convert 1080p to 4k)

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I record gta 5 gameplays and I saw people have better quality than mine

They’re videos are often 4K

It’s so crisp

the problem is that if I upscale to 4K the 60gb file becomes huge!

Ye I’m not surprised xD

now I try to upscale a file of 51GB from 1080p to 4K! let’s see what comes out ’

You don’t have to go to 4K in order to get better encoding at youtube. You can just do 2K.

How long are the videos you are uploading to youtube that you have files that are as big as 8 gigs?

my videos are about 1 hour long! are gameplay and weigh 50 / 60GB

Do you change any of the settings in the Export menu?


50 / 60 GB How tho xd
i had a video on 30 GB

Make sure that your bitrate is high enough, when having a lower bit rate, it causes your video to become blurry and gross. another thing to look out for is what you are using to encode your video. If using an Nvidia graphics card, make sure to use that, it is under the name of NVENC(new). If you are using x264(which uses your computers processor to encode) will cause the video to become grainy in my experience.

I register with OBS NVENC New with CQP Level 10 on average I have a bitrate equal to 180000

thats pretty decent, but the lower the cqp level, the higher the quality. idk if that could help

I tried to load the file directly without editing it with ShotCut and to load it after working with ShotCut! but the result is always the same, despite the fact that the video is graphically perfect