Problem with created LUT



I created LUTs with the IWITBAP software in * .cube which work under “premiere pro” but which do not give anything on shotcut (no modification to the image). I use other LUTs downloaded on the net that work without any problem.
What is needed for LUTs to be compatible?
Precision: Shotcut works on W10 and 18.10 version


It is known that not all LUT files work. For example:

We use the FFmpeg lut3d filter but do not know its code that well. Sometimes, it complains in View > Application Log… [filt @ 0000000055601dc0] 3D LUT is empty. Consider to report a bug with FFmpeg if you reproduce the problem with the ffmpeg command line tool as well. Here is an example:

ffmpeg -i GOPR1519.MP4-stab.avi -vf lut3d=GC_Protune_to_709.cube -c:a copy luted.avi

Shotcut provides a ffmpeg command line executable in case you need one. Look for it in the same folder as your shotcut executable.


Thanks for your answer.
I managed to run the LUTs that I created by copying the lines of my file with a text editor and replacing the lines of a working LUT file.
I save it and remove the extension * .txt.
It works. If it can help other people …