Print article how to for Shotcut fade in fade out

I have trouble following youtube presentations and prefer a print how to.
The tutorials all seem to be youtube shows. Is there an alternative with screen shots and text or something similar?

Shotcut - FadeIn FadeOut.pdf (61.7 KB)

Does this help?


Thanks for answering.
I took a quick view of Shotcut and just tried a sample save file.
The file extention was not familiar to me. My ignorance I’m sure.

The question I have on Shotcut is: Is there frame count and and frame edit?. The mp4 file I have has to be cut on frame not Group of Pictures (GOP). I have previously used MKVToolnix for this task

Can you explain that a bit? Sorry about the youtubes. I can concentrate better with still images and print.

Just now, in looking for a new program that cuts on frame and works with mkv/mp4 and I can understand, has left me confused,

I have no idea what you just wrote.
Did you not view the PDF I made just for you in reference to your original question?? You wanted a printable document and this I have provided.
I hope my time wasn’t wasted :slight_smile:

You can advance one frame at a time using the shortcut keys as decribed here:
Shotcut - Keyboard Shortcut Reference[quote=“lonp, post:3, topic:1536”]
Just now, in looking for a new program that cuts on frame and works with mkv/mp4 and I can understand, has left me confused,

Shotcut is probably the easiest to understand, shallowest learning curve video editor out there right now.
The tutorials available on the web make it even simpler to figure out some of the more advanced editing techniques imho.

Thanks for your effort. I will print the pdf when I can since I prefer working off of
the print copy.

I’ve corrected some typos and re-uploaded the PDF

Steve you are right. Looks easy to do and well laid out. I will report my progress.

Hello Steve, Thank you for your concise instruction on how to use fading. Very useful.


To my original question, I found this pdf for Shotcut instructions on Mac.

Continuing just to explore how Shotcut works, I have seen no ‘throbber’ anywhere-- and I don’t think I want to. I’ve seen enough throbbers… something deamding that ou do something.

In Windows 7 my wired mouse can drag a hairline pointer but I got nothing from my regular wireless mouse.

Doing what workarounds I can, please give some advice on accessing the
features by frame (which I can get from Virtual Dub) and hotkeys to perform the action.

I have practiced dragging the clip content into the Timeline window below. Still not getting good control over that unlike the Mac user above.

The goal is: With the clip loaded enter a start frame such 00 and a stop frame for the length of the fade to be applied. Then execute a fade command.

Reference to the pdf will help.

That pdf doesn’t show a modern version of Shotcut.

Not sure you are serious about this comment. None the less, please view this short video.

In any case, my PDF earlier explains it fully, step by step and easy for beginners to understand.

I am back and always serious.
And I came back only because I had a bit of progress. You see I had not even seen the 'Throbber" engage at all. Today I did. Was able to mark a Fade Out since the program took me to the end of the file.

Shotcut helpfully shows the slope of the fade out.

Please do not redirect to videos. It’s always some voice telling me how “basically” and “essentially” it all is when it isn’t while trying to follow someone’s mouse gestures flying around the screen. Enough on that. No basicallys or essentiallys please. More screen shot tutorials are preferred.

From my highlighted fadeout I went to save it just to see what would happen. The mlt file showed up in my work folder. But the file size is the length of the fade only near as I can tell. Trying to Save As mkv like the original failed.

Please provide an answer to save whole project with the fade out (this is all just a test) in a form VLC or Pot Player can playback. Perhaps a ‘save whole project’ is something I missed or need to learn.

In the meantime since I’m seeing some progress I am going to print out the Shotcut keyboard shortcuts.

Sorry Buddy, I go to the trouble of creating a step-by-step PDF (with screenshots) that you don’t understand and then a fluid video which could not be clearer but still does not satisfy, then I’m done helping you. I certainly don’t appreciate your tone and demands.
But hey, good luck :wink: