Preview keep reading audio from source not from scene


I’m new to Shotcut, and I have a problem :

  1. I want to cut audio file in my audio timeline
  2. When I cut my audio in my timeline, the first 3~5 times when I replace the playhead at the beginning of the cutted audio, it reads from there.
  3. After 3~5 times, the preview keep reading from where it was on the SOURCE song, and totally don’t care about the playhead’s position, and when the song end, it reads from the playhead’s position.

I have the lastest version, I downloaded it from the Microsoft Store 1h ago.

Thanks for advices !

There are some bug fixes in the next version that may apply here. There is a beta for it if you would like to try it now:

Otherwise, it will be in Microsoft Store within 2 weeks. In the meantime, as a workaround, you can try converting the audio file to WAV. You can do that in Shotcut by opening it the Source player (do not add to Timeline or Playlist) and using Export with From=filename and the audio/WAV preset.

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