Precise Video Clipping?

This is a follow up to: How to cut and save a small piece of video?

I am trying to set precise start and end points, (such as 00:11;08), for clips of a longer video I wish to export; but I and E shortcuts as suggested in the original thread don’t seem to do anything. (They certainly don’t set the positions of the start and end points of the clip I want to export.) This thread also says there are shortcuts to select specific frames, but does not say what those shortcuts are. Is there any way to just set start and end points numerically?

I would really appreciate any further clarification here.

If I want to export only part of a timeline, I create a marker. You can use M to create one, then edit its in and out times by CTRL+dragging on the marker. You can also right-click on the marker to “Edit” its in and out numerically. Alternatively, you can show the Markers panel via View->Markers or CTRL+SHIFT+6 to edit them there. When exporting, choose the marker from the drop-down at the top. Instead of Timeline, you can select a named marker.

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That would be I and O.

You can move through your video with keyboard shortcuts. Look in the Player section.
Shortcuts can be modified here:

You can also type in the exact time here to move to a specific place in the video:
Timecode is HH:MM:SS:FF (FF = Frames per the Video Mode set for your project).


Yes, I figured out that field where I can type in the time code, but how do I set the time code I’ve typed to be the start or end point of the clip I’m trying to export? I and O don’t seem to do it.

You use I or O (how many times should we repeat it?) - even if you think it does not work. Try to figure out why it is not working because that’s what it is. Hint: it will not work if the timecode or some other input field has focus. Are you actually using Shotcut? Otherwise, when interactively trimming, dragging snaps to the playhead. Or, you can use split (also at the playhead) and delete as many others do. If you want to edit numerically, you can edit the project file XML in a text editor.

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Here are a few video examples

Clipping from 10:00 to 20:00 (10 seconds to 20 seconds) from a 30-second clip.
After each time I click on the video to move focus from the time code allowing me to hit I andO.

You can also use the frame number (determined by the Video Mode), and use TAB to move focus away from the time code. Shift+TAB to move the focus from Source back to the time code.

You can also manipulate the time code by various other keyboard shortcuts along with scrolling up and down.

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We learn ever day :slight_smile:

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This post is extremely helpful! I think perhaps Shift + Tab was the piece of the puzzle I was missing. I also did consider the fact that the shortcuts were working and just not giving me visual confirmation. Thanks!

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