Png lag help please

Hi I’ve recently been using shotcut and when I had a video I put an png image on the video and it started to lag any help would be greatly appreciated

Can you please add more detail to your description? When does it lag? During the entire project? Only at the start of displaying a PNG? The entire time a PNG is playing?

When I put a png from start to the video to the end the png lags the video so in other words through the whole video

More information would include

  • Shotcut Version (Click on Help, then About Shotcut)
    • Latest version of Shotcut is here.
  • Video Mode used (Resolution/FPS)
  • Source Video/Image properties (Resolution/fps)
  • Screenshot of entire Shotcut window with all tracks visible if using the timeline.
  • Filters used and their settings, especially on the lone PNG image you’re using.
  • Operating System (Windows/Linux/Mac)
  • Computer specifications, including drive information (HDD, SDD, NVME).
    • Drives used for source files like USB, Cloud, or just the drives on the computer.
    • Running Anti-virus? Does it lag with Anti-virus off?
    • Minimum specifications listed here.
  • Did restarting your computer clear up the lag?
  • Any additional steps you have taken to resolve the issue yourself.

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