PNG image ... back background

i using a .png logo in my videos ( as always) but there was a problem… when i add a track with the image… the background of the logo becoming full back and cover my video layer.

EDIT: right now i find that i have problem using video overlay over my original vidoe… that mean i cant change the blend mode the video cant reach the transparent effect

some ideas how to fix that? … ty first :slight_smile:

I just tried this and it works for me.
I placed two PNG images (with transparency) that I obtained from the Shotcut site.
I do not know why it does not work for you.

to be honest i find the reason for that bug… but still cant understand it
so… the reason was the "RGB split"filter who i downloaded and used on my video track.
everytime secound track or image added after using this filter losing his “transparent” effect

i still cant get it how this filter can glitch other tracs … but for now atleast i find the reason of the problem

P.S. if some1 using this new RGB filter and have the same issue but also know how to fix it… please give me your tips
thank you first! :slight_smile:

The original thread about the unofficial, unreleased RGB split filter talked about an alpha channel that requires the next release v19.04 of Shotcut to get the fix.

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