Another new filter, RGB Split

New RGB split filter to try out. (1.9 KB)



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This one’s working well. Another well done filter.

NICE! Well done @Paul2 and @sauron for the demo. :+1::+1:

Might have found a bug in the RGB filter. Don’t think the UI is the problem.

Apply the filter to an image or clip. It works fine.

Put an image or clip on the track below and the image with the RGB filter disappears. The image on the lower track shows.

Inspecting the source code for this filter, it looks like the alpha gets cleared out:

That might be causing this behavior.

Thinking about this critically, what would a person expect the alpha channel to do in this situation? remain unchanged? Be set to 100% opaque?

Guess it’s just the way the filter was coded. Still a useful effect. Just can’t use it in a transition.

Unfortunately not all filters can be used in all situations.
Changes could be made but that would mean going back to the source, applying those changes and then compiling for all the OS’s, not a fun exercise.

As you say @sauron , it can still be rather handy especially once it has keyframes.

What are the chances of including a small area under the sliders of the filters (or at least some) that gives the user a short description of the filter and any shortcomings?

For example for the RGB Spilt:

RGB splitter - splits the red, green and blue channels and shifts them by the amount set by the sliders.
NOTE - Does not preserve the alpha channel.

Something like this:


My preference would be:

  1. Labor over the filter name and the names of the parameters to make them as clear as possible
  2. Add tooltips to the parameters to help give further detail
  3. Fix the underlying alpha issue (I can help with that)

I think that adding informational text is only a very last resort if we can’t find a way to make the interface itself intuitive. In my experience, the best user interfaces don’t require any instructions because the user can tell what to do just by looking at it. But sometimes it isn’t possible to achieve that.

Thanks @brian

I do agree with you, choice of name is very important.
Busy studying examples and the notes for QT qml and seeing which would be the best way to apply tooltips without them becoming annoying.

As regards fixing the alpha problem, I’m wondering if it’s worth it for just this filter.
It can still be used just not when alpha is required.
Your time and effort could probably be better spent on other areas of Shotcut, like adding VST support, hint, hint :grinning:

I would argue that it’s an oversight that should be corrected. Who knows if a future filter would also be affected. Plus, even if an explanation were provided to the user in the UI about this, only being able to use the filter on a clip if there is no image or video underneath it is a perplexing limitation and one that would always carry a workaround that really shouldn’t exist.


You really like this filter…only kidding, you do raise some valid points.
However, I’m thinking as to why the alpha was stripped off and suspecting that it created problems.
Judging by the comment in the code, it certainly looks that way.

“// No need to save alpha because it will distort the resulting image”

So taking that into account, will it be worth spending time and effort on trying to add it?
I don’t know.
I certainly don’t have the time and enough C++ experience, coded a bit with C ages ago, but that is a different kettle of fish.

If @brian and @shotcut think it’s worth it and they have the time then great, it would be nice to have alpha too, but it’s not a show stopper for me.

It is a bug in that frei0r plugin in my opinion. It should not touch the alpha if the effect does not use or affect it. Easy change but needs contributors review.

The Flirts !
I didn’t try the filter (sorry). I’m just glad someone else remembers The Flirts :wink: Particularly that “version” of the trio.

It needs to be keyframe capable :slight_smile:
Very nice work!

I fixed this bug.

I added this filter for the next release. In the course of that, not only did I make some changes and fix some bugs but also added support for keyframes (simple and advanced). Prior to adding keyframes, I created a small UI framework to support keyframable filters and used that for this filter addition. The framework is intended to take away a lot of the boilerplate JavaScript code to support keyframes that gets copied from one filter to the next. Thank you for the contribution.

Here is how it looks now:

Many thanks @shotcut

Looks great and as you say, the “copy/paste” process will be much easier and less error prone.

amazing filter… well done
p.s. before this filter i just make 3 layer copys on the video with different color channels… but now everything is much more easy

edit: from where i can find and download other shotcut filters ?

Hi @yqmi, recently a small group of users have been developing some new filters. @sauron kindly collected them together into a folder. I hope @sauron won’t mind me re-posting the link here?

The link was originally posted in this thread:

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