Please test the Release Candidate for version 22.03

Besides fixing bugs in the 22.03 beta version, we also made a lot of performance improvements for video filters that we want to get out.

  • We are primarily interested in major regressions since version v21.12.
  • We are also interested in major bugs in new features and changes specific to this release.
  • Do not report about existing bugs that have not been indicated as fixed by this version.
  • Provide all feedback as a reply within this thread or as a GitHub Issue.
    If using a GitHub issue, make sure you indicate the version.


Get the release candidate from this GitHub page that also includes the list of fixes, changes, and additions.

Thank You For Your Help!


So the new Blur: Box filter won’t be keyframable like the old one?

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fixed due to typo

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I tried testing the new recording button but I couldn’t because when I go to Audio/Video Device it shows “none” for both despite me having a mic connected to the computer. I can record audio fine in Audacity so what’s wrong in Shotcut? By the way, at what bitrate and bit depth is the Opus file that is produced from this recording feature?

Work fine in linux, using the default OS audio input device for recording

I get the same on Windows 10.

With 21.12.24

It is a bug with this new version of ffmpeg. Looking for a workaround.

UPDATE: this was fixed in last night’s build 22.03.25

Okay, I can confirm it’s now working for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing I will say and I don’t know if there is enough time to make this kind of modification but when you want to change what’s selected in Audio/Video Device and press “OK” it changes the Source tab to a white screen where you can record audio that way. I suppose that’s how it was done before. Now with this much simplier and direct way I think pressing “OK” shouldn’t do that with the Source tab anymore and should just close the window to confirm the change. That is unless there is a purpose with that which I am unaware of. If so, then maybe there should be a button in Audio/Video Device to just confirm the change and another to do that thing with the Source tab.

It has been there for years to provide capture, and it is still the only way to do video capture. It is not usually required for the new voiceover Record Audio feature, which tries to use the first device it finds unless there was a device saved to the config. But sometimes, it can have a problem with the device name or an invalid saved device ID, which is why you may need to visit this dialog. The structure of the code does not make it possible or at least difficult to add a button next to OK and Cancel for this. It would have to be a somewhat akwardly placed button below the dropdowns.

I’m confused. It’s not possible to add or it’s not difficult to add?

I’m thinking that “OK” could be the confirm and close window button and that a new button would be “Record” which would do exactly what the current “OK” button does now and it could placed in the middle of “OK” and “Cancel”.

I decided against adding a button here. One should use OK to verify the device or devices are working. All that OK does is open the device for monitoring; it does not record. Record implies writing a file. To do that you need to next click Export > Capture File.

Well, I assumed that when it goes to that white blank screen it was to record something. With the new record button there it’s going to happen more often that people will go to setup the mic even if Shotcut is detecting the first thing connected. But the average user is not going to understand what’s going on when it goes to that white blank screen after pressing OK. I didn’t. They’ll just expect the window to close especially if they want to record the audio right in the timeline for their project.

Since there might not be enough time to do something here maybe for the next version some kind of update in this area can be done?

The behavior is consistent with everything else in the Open Other menu. When you click OK, it opens and plays the whatever and nothing more. If you chose video, you might see something. If you talk or make noise you might hear something or see the audio meter react. If you chose to Open your camera and/or microphone, literally choose or confirm the selected devices, and click OK you really should not be confused that it did what you requested.

They’ll just expect the window to close

Which it did.

to record the audio right in the timeline

Which you can still do at this point. Please do not reply on this sub-topic anymore.

A 1-frame blank clip is added when I set a clip’s speed to 0.5x while both Ripple and Ripple All Tracks are enabled.

This happens even if there is no clip on V2 or there is no V2 track at all. Just V1 track with two clips will suffice to cause this problem.
Tested on Windows.

Fixed, thanks

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