Please test the BETA for version 22.09

This is a very old bug I reproduced as far back as 21.03 that will not be addressed in this release.

Action list some kind of drop down menu that would add filter options
Since the Action list allows the user to change shortcut keys, there should be an equivalent of a preset option like there is on filters.

These are out-of-scope for this release.

I am no longer going to respond to everything new raised in this thread. People can leave feedback, which I may take into consideration.

Is that the case for this bug involving the right Simple Keyframe as well?



the feature click S to slice a clip and then the right clip is selected and I can press X to remove is not working or it was removed from this release ?

That was never a deliberate feature, and it went away over a year ago in version 21.05. Rather, it is a subtle behavior, and these things do change as the software still heavily improves. Besides, there is a better way to do this press O (letter β€˜o’ for β€œout”, not zero) instead of S.


thanks for the feedback regarding click O … but I prefer X causes it remove and join to the following clip

Any other letter to slice and remove the left clip ? :slight_smile:

This is in the new Help > Actions and Shortcuts, and it is known as trimming on the timeline. So, obviously that is I for β€œin.” And do not forget the ripple versions of these that do as X did: Shift+O and Shift+I. And by the way, these are not new but in the new version more explicit (can be seen in the timeline menu too).

Closing this thread now as the beta has ended.