Please test the BETA for version 22.09

This is an unfortunate side effect of the underlying changes that were required to make keyboard shortcuts configurable. If we do not limit the scope of the up/down keys to only when the timeline is “active”, then the keys get swallowed up for other situations like moving a cursor around a text box or navigating the filter menu. We do not give the user feedback about which panel/dock is “active”. So the user can not see that the up key will not go to the timeline or some other panel.

At one point I even changed the default shortcut for track selection to be a different key combination to avoid using the Up/Down arrows. But then I changed it back to the arrows and limited the scope to the timeline panel. I am still open minded about this. In general, I think we should avoid using default shortcuts for key presses that frequently have other common uses in applications. In addition to the arrow keys, I would add escape, tab and enter to that list.

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This is fixed in my fork at
It was a bug on Windows only due to using unsupported format characters in its call to strftime() when serializing the time.

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I just noticed an unpleasant interaction when writing text on international keyboards in windows, for example, the standard Romanian (programmer) keyboard (but I assume many international keyboards do this) allows to type characters with diacritics by using the AltGr (the alt on the right side) key + the regular character, so AltGr + i types î, a → ă, s → ș etc, but apparently right alt is behind the scenes a shortcut for Ctrl+Alt which means to type î the full key group sent is Ctrl+Alt+I which is in this version captured as the shorcut for insert video track so I can’t actually type the î character in the Text:Simple filter at all in the beta version.

I realise this complicates the shortcut situation a lot and there’s always the workaround to use a different keyboard layout but maybe the global shortcuts involving Ctrl+Alt not be enabled when a textbox is in focus?

What about previous release version? I doubt this is new, and I suspect it affects all Qt programs.

This is new, in previous versions when the focus is on a text field (like typing in the Text:simple text box) Ctrl+Alt+I will type the character, it looks like the priority is given to inputting text and it consumes the keypresses instead of triggering the Insert track action.


The Replace option is not working when you select a gap between clips


Replace is not working with the R key. It’s only working by picking it from the context menu.


@brian, Thanks for making updates that address this

and this

Now I was looking at the shortcuts listed in the actions menu and it occurred to me that while there are shortcuts for seeking to Simple Keyframes (Alt+ [ and ] ) there are none for seeking to Advanced Keyframes. How about Alt + , and . for seeking to Advanced Keyframes?

Won’t fix because other Lens types such as Ortographic require a lower value that would then restricts the Equiarea lens from reaching its extent. There is no easy way to make this parameter automatically adjust to each lens type combined with the add or remove operation. The primary use of this filter is lens correction or simulation for which it works fine: you can find the value that works for you without excessive sensitivity regardless this quirk.


  • The order of clips are getting switched when moving more than one clip upwards. Demo.
  • Set the playhead to the end and press Zoom Timeline To Fit. The Timeline shifts to the right. Demo.

This only seems to happen for me under certain conditions like this simple example. It is due to the change Fix duplicate after 2 clip moves, 2 undos, and 1 redo (#1318) · mltframework/shotcut@badd569 · GitHub and goes away if I revert it. @TRA Can you take a look please?

Set the playhead to the end and press Zoom Timeline To Fit. The Timeline shifts to the right.


Yeah, I’m investigating, and it seems like what I wrote about in that pull request is the root cause:

This is highly reliant on the assumption that the order the producers are inserted into newSelection is the same as all the integers are inserted into the QLists.

If two color clips have different start points relative to the 00:00:00:00 point, this bug doesn’t happen.
If @DRM can confirm this, that’d be great.

One solution is to get rid of QMultiMap and replace it with QList in MoveClipCommand.
QMultiMap uses playlist start points as keys. If the keys are exactly the same, I don’t know which clip will comes first during for (auto &clip : m_selection).

Yes, I can confirm. I should also add that the switching of the order of the clips isn’t limited to up and down. I tested again and it also happens if the clip is moved left or right. In this demo, I redo the demo from above but then show that the bug isn’t triggered if the clips are not directly on top of each other. But after that I trigger the bug again when I put the clips at the same starting point and move both to the right.

Thanks, DRM.

I’ve made a pull request that converts QMultiMap to QList. This might cause another problem, but for now this clip swapping bug disappears with this PR. This addresses left and right movements as well as up and down movements.

Simple and advanced keyframes can not exist at the same time. So I added Advanced keyframe seeking to the existing actions.

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Great! :+1:

Did you update the description of the shortcut key then to say “Seek To Next/Previous Keyframe” rather than “Seek To Next/Previous Simple Keyframe”?


As per this thread, I can confirm that “opening files with a % in their path or name” is (partially) fixed! :slight_smile:

Selecting a URL-enconded filename doesn’t crash Shotcut anymore (but no item is added to the playlist and no error message is displayed)

This might give you a hind on thats going on: if the file is hard-linked, then the URL-encoded filename can be used. Example:

11639368 -rw-r–r–@ 2 me staff 987383205 Sep 9 20:18 formacionpm.17.m%c3%b3dulo-iii—encuentro9 on 2022-09-09 20-15.mp4
11639368 -rw-r–r–@ 2 me staff 987383205 Sep 9 20:18 formacionpm.17.módulo-iii—encuentro9 on 2022-09-09 20-15.mp4

(first entry works fine and is loaded as the second one. Guess that the “open file” dialog uses i-node as the key…)

Features tested:

“Press Esc when the dialog…” works and, whats even better, doesn’t cancel fullscreen or tiled window modes.
“Added the ability to drag-scroll/pan using the middle mouse button…”, works using PC mouse’s wheel

Too newbie for most of the other new features, sorry :slight_smile:

Version: 22.09 (22.09.01)
Code Type: ARM-64 (Native)
OS Version: macOS 12.5.1 (21G83)

Thanks for Shotcut!

  • Press ? in the Action list window and the mouse cursor turns into a stop symbol and stays like that even after you close the window. Demo.
  • I think it would make sense for the icon of the Mute filter to have an X on top of the image of the speaker instead of just the same speaker icon all the other Audio filters currently have.
  • It would be very useful to add to the Action list some kind of drop down menu that would add filter options. Options for filtering the Action list such as Show All (which is how it is now), Assigned (actions that have been given shortcuts), Unassigned (actions that have not been given shortcuts), an Unalterable option (to show shortcuts that cannot be changed) and Unmodified and Modified (to show the shortcut keys that have the original assigned keys and those that the user has changed). This would be very useful because the user can see what’s going on and what choices they have much quicker. If they want to add shortcuts to actions that don’t have shortcuts assigned out of the box instead of scrolling around to find them they can just filter the list to show that. If they want to see all the shortcuts they modified and didn’t modify then they have the options to just see those. And if they want to see the ones they can’t change then they will quickly be able to see that.
  • Since the Action list allows the user to change shortcut keys, there should be an equivalent of a preset option like there is on filters. That way a user can save their preferred shortcut keys but be able to revert back to the defaults and even back to their own customized keys quickly. Also, how are the customized shortcut keys saved here? I ask because I wonder if there is a way that a user could save their preferred shortcut keys and export them in case they go to another computer to use Shotcut but want to use Shotcut in the way they customized the actions.

And any update on this: