Playlist rectangle selection


please consider adding a way to select items in the playlist by drawing a rectangle (rectangle selection), this is pretty common in other programs.


win10; Shotcut 20.11.28


my enhancement suggestion applies to other parts of the program as well.
the feature could be very useful in the time line for instance to multi select video clips,
in particular with very small clips.


Yeah I agree. The video editing software I used before Shotcut had that ability.

Someone made a suggestion about this and in my opinion I think it would be much simpler and consistent with the design of Shotcut’s multi-select in the timeline to just expand how multi-select is done with Shift so that you can select clips on multiple tracks while still holding down Shift. Doing that would then achieve the same effect as a box select in other video editors without having to draw a box.

I agree with that. Especially selecting many very small clips.

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