Playlist, media pool and correlating clips to source media

I added video files to a project timeline, and was later surprised not to find the files listed in the project’s playlist. Searching here, I learned from @sauron that “the playlist can be used as a media pool”, but that "it has many uses."¹ Not sure what else it is used for, but shouldn’t files added to the timeline automatically be added to the playlist too?

Also, it’d be great if when selecting one (or more) files in the playlist, the corresponding clips were highlighted in the timeline. And, conversely, when selecting one (or more) clips in the timeline, the corresponding files in the playlist would also be highlighted. Last time I used Davinci Resolve, it didn’t have that, so I had to resort to colour coding the clips by assining a different colour every time I added a new file to the project. The former would be a much more practical and user-friendly solution.

We all work differently of course, but I only put files I know I will reuse throughout my project in the playlist. I wouldn’t want it to be flooded with every single video, audio or image clip I bring to the timeline.

There is no direct relation by the clips in the playlist and the ones in the timeline.
The playlist in shotcut is different from the normal source media bin you find in other Video editors

I see. Then my suggestion is adding a source media bin as we find in other video editors (visually correlating it to the timeline as described above as a bonus).