Media pool and the purpose of the Playlist?


I want to add clip(s) onto the media pool of ShortCut,
and I see there is a ‘Playlist’ tab on right-hand-side of main window.
so I use right-mouse-click on it,
and try to open file(s) to add clip(s) onto it,
but this operation only worked when I created a new project.

I think this should be my missunderstand
about the real function of ‘Playlist’,
since the playlist seems not the media pool of ShortCut.

Could any nice one please tell me how to see the ‘real’ media pool?
(or the ‘media pool’ doesn’t exist on Shortcut)
and please tell me the real function(s) of ‘Playlist’?
Thank you very much :sweat_smile:!

The playlist can be used as a media pool.

There are several ways to add clips to the playlist.
Use file > open file or CTRL-O, navigate to the folder containing videos/images select the media to open, use Shift and Ctrl to select multiple items. The selected items will open in the playlist.

Another way to add clips/images to the playlist is to drag and drop from the file manager on the playlist panel. Multiple items can be selected.

If you select one image or clip and drop it on the source viewer it will play in the viewer. It can be added to the playlist using the + icon or Shift + a. If multiple items are dragged and dropped on the source viewer the items will be added to the playlist.

The playlist is versatile. It has many uses.:slightly_smiling_face:


See here for more information:

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Thanks for your informative help :grinning:!

Your link are pretty helpful! :smiley:Thank you!

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