Playhead doesn't remain central when zooming the timeline

So I have multiple short (2 seconds) clips in the timeline. The playhead is in the centre of the screen. I zoom in the timeline (+) and the playhead jumps to the right hand side. Pressing (-) (zoom out) results in the playhead jumping to the left hand side.
It’s a bit annoying because invariably I then have to drag the lower bar to re-centralise the playhead.

Maybe I could make a suggestion that the playhead could remain where it is relative to the screen when zooming in or out on the timeline?

No thanks! I hope the devs dismiss your suggestion outright. I want the playhead to stay where it is at the exact frame position.
I see no purpose at all with it remaining centered relative to your screen when zooming in/out, what possible use is that?
That would seriously screw with editing workflow.

Yes, that’s exactly what I want too!!! Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly…
If I get time I’ll add a few screenshots to explain further. Right now the dog needs a walk, so it won’t be now…

Well that’s how Shotcut and zoom behaves for me… Are you sure it’s not staying at the same frame/time for you?

I’ve been misunderstood here so I’ll try again…

I’m working on a clip in the timeline (highlighted here):

and I zoom in the timeline by clicking + - and I get this:

(the playhead AND THE CLIP) appear on the right -hand side of my screen. The end of the clip actually disappears offscreen. To get the clip and play head back into the centre (to work on it further) I have to drag the bottom scrollbar slightly to the right.
Not a VERY big deal but annoying to have to keep re-centering the timeline when I’ve got lots of short clips and I’m trying to edit quickly.
Steve: sorry I wasn’t clear in my first post,:kissing: I hope I didn’t harm your (Sunday) calm :grinning:… I wasn’t asking for the playhead to change to a different frame/time in the clip, I agree that would be daft…

I already suggested this in an earlier topic. Timeline zooming and navigating using mouse scrolling

The Ctrl + Scroll wheel is great but it is disconcerting to find the playhead at the end of the Timeline instead of fixed in the middle. I always end up moving the playhead back into the middle of the Timeline where it belongs. (However, this is a ‘nit’ for me. Keyframes are far more important)

Edit: just to clear, the Playhead jumps to the end of the “observable portion” of the Timeline. It does remain on the screen, obviously. Sony Vegas (now Magix) keeps the Playhead exactly where it was and zooms around where the cursor is placed. It works so well that it speeds up edits wonderfully.


Hmmm, never seen this happen on my 24" screen and no matter how long the video so I just tried again and can’t get the playhead ‘off the screen’ when using the zoom slider (or clicking the + ). But I certainly can if I use the scroll bar on a fully zoomed track.
However, using the scrollbar is inevitable during editing with ant video editor I’ve used over the years so I don’t regard this as inconvenient, just necessary.

lol… No, not at all. I thought it was as you say, daft. :smiley:

Exactly the point I was trying to make, Ken - thanks! Also I agree it is not a HUGE deal but very annoying nonetheless.

I use Cubase (audio editor) and the zoom facility is great. The playhead always stays central relative to the screen. I’ve done a quick screen capture HERE

(keyboard shortcut is G for Zoom in; H for zoom out, which is very logical and I use it all the time… I am pressing it FAST in this demonstration).

I was hoping this could be a feature of shotcut but I have no idea how easy it would be for the developers to do and I appreciate there are other priorities :slight_smile:

Steve, just to clear any confusion, the playhead stays on screen, (about 1cm to the left of the right-hand edge of the screen). It’s the end of the clip that disappears…

Right, yes I misread.
Though that’s to be expected with a lengthy clip and ‘zooming in’.