Timeline zooming and navigating using mouse scrolling

one thing which I really like on Audacity is the way you can move around timeline: Zoom in and out by holding Ctrl + scrolling mouse wheel and move left and right by holding Shift + scrolling wheel (while cursor stays at the original point). I know that its not really common in video cutting SW but I think it would be really handy (especially when you need to have quite large zoom to set transition accurately and need to shift on timeline a bit - I know there is a possibility to hold Shift and move using mouse smoothly, but Its not so accurate for me).

What do you think about that?

Thank you

Yes, perhaps. I have to think about whether there might be another use for the mouse wheel. In the meantime, there are keyboard shortcuts.

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I decided to add this and work on it tonight. Already, you can scroll horizontally by using Alt+Wheel. The GUI toolkit provides inbuilt vertical and horizontal scroll by wheel for the ScrollView component I am using, and I cannot change its shortcuts. I added Ctrl+ for horizontal zoom, but I cannot get it to work in all areas! The ScrollView steals the mouse wheel for places where there is no track.

I made Shift+ adjust the track height. You can hold both Ctrl & Shift at the same time to zoom both horizontal and vertical at the same time.

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Oh cool! That Alt + scroll is exactly what I need. Thank you!

Greatly appreciate Shotcut. Thought I would have to go back to Windows and Sony Vegas to get what I needed. One great thing about Vegas is Ctrl+Scroll-wheel keeps the timeline cursor centered on the timeline. Very convenient and fast for zooming in. Hope you can implement that sometime. Adjusting the track height with the scroll-wheel does not seem useful to me.