Pirate Chase - cutout style animation

My first time “scoring to picture” where I created the video first and then composed the music to fit the video.

I used Gimp to create the various masks I needed, but key frames with the Size Position and Rotate filter in Shotcut is largely responsible for everything else.


Simple, funny with a serious background.
I like it.

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Thanks Earlybite. I try to keep my ideas simple so they’re easy to animate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too :smile:

I enjoyed that bit of pure fun!! Some really humorous touches! Made me smile! Great music. Mr. Zimmer has better watch his back … :rofl:

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I loved the use of masks to give the video more “space”.
And the music, very funny.
It was great.

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Thanks! I was hoping the chase would be ridiculous enough to be funny.

Too kind but I appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much. The masks helped me turn a simple chase into a more interesting game of hide and seek.

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Very nicely done, and the music is impressive. What software do you use to compose / produced the music?

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J’ai bien aimé tant la musique que le scenario.

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I use Reaper as my digital audio workstation and the orchestra sounds come from the free Virtual Playing Orchestra

Merci beaucoup, Epsilon85.

Thank you so much Epsilon85.

Thanks! I have not experimented with Reaper, and indeed have not done much with digital music recently. A few years ago I experimented with LMS, Ardour, Rosegarden, and one or two other DAWs that run on Linux - the one that I have found myself coming back to for my occasional needs is LMS, more because I seem to be able to remember its interface fairly well, while I have more trouble re-acclimating to the others. I also use MuseScore from time to time.

Thanks so much for assembling and making available the Virtual Orchestra! And again, what you have done with it in the clip is most impressive.

I created the kind of sample library that I needed for myself and I’m happy to share it with others.


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