Pictures Not Rendering in Correct Spot

So I have a video where I make something and have my character talk over it using text boxes I made. I also put a border around my video. At the end of my video, I have the picture of what I made and my character says thanks for watching, then it goes to my outro and the video border and text box dissapear. I have rendered the video I think like 7 times now, and every time I render it the border doesn’t dissapear until close to the end of the outro and the text box appears during the outro instead. I have tried re-rendering, re-opening the program, deleting both the text box and border and then putting them back, and NOTHING WORKS! All of my other text boxes are fine, and I never have had this happen before. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Edit: I just checked and the audio is also messed up, the voice clip that goes with the text box happens in the outro and the music from the video doesn’t fade out and stop like it is supposed to.

There is a bug in 18.08.01 regarding rather erratic text behaviour. I wonder if that could be your problem? See:

It’s fixed for the next release (18.09) but in the meantime you may like to go back to an earlier version (if you are using 18.08 that is), and see if it works OK.

Did you change the resolution in Export?

This is similar to what I have happening since I did use a preset, but I am using picture overlays and then using a preset to size them to the correct size. I also have many text boxes, and all but the last one are fine, and the video border I have I did not change at all. I would go back to fix it, but many of the glitches that were fixed in 18.08 were ones I had experienced and had trouble fixing, so I may just wait for 18.09.

I recorded the video and rendered it in 1080p, so no.