Photo pauses or sticks behind the following Photo in Exported File

My slideshow, even after exporting with encoding checked, has many photos stuck behind another in the next frame, then it “pops” away in the final product. I read the following on another response thread “Your PC is probably struggling to handle the ‘on-the-fly’ transition. It will play just fine once rendered and encoded.”

I did not get the same positive results after encoding in export where there is a smooth transition w/o overlapping photos. I assume the “rendering” occurs automatically during the export process.
My computer is plenty capable, as it is used for Autocadd and 3D rendering software w/ no problem.
Any help here is appreciated.

It is a little difficult to imagine what your project looks like from your description. Can you provide a screenshot of your project/timeline?

Thank-you so much for responding on a Sunday evening. I am in a pickle putting a Memorial Slideshow together with limited time.
The attached is a capture of a photo stuck behind another and then it snaps away. This happens in Playback and the Exported final file. Occurs in many transitions. Could it be anything in settings?

All of the transitions are in “disolve” mode property.
See timeline in the screen capture

Did you use the slideshow generator to make the slide show?
Can you click on one of the transitions and then share a screenshot of the properties panel for the transition?
Also, do you have any other tracks in your timeline?

I was in “Editing” and dragged the photos down to the timeline.
Not correct apparently?

I have no other tracks.

See transition property capture

P.S. - My first time using software…

OK, I see. I suppose you probably prefer to have black padding on the sides of the image. You would need a Size Position & Rotate filter on each clip to accomplish that.

I suggest you try the Slideshow Generator. It will do that for you and it will make the process faster.

Here are the steps from a high level:

  1. Save your current project and make a NEW project to use the slideshow generator
  2. Open all your files in the Playlist. If you choose file->Open and choose many images, they will automatically be added to the playlist.
  3. In the playlist menu, choose Select->All
  4. In the playlist menu, choose Add Selected to Slideshow
  5. Choose the parameters you want and click OK (you probably want to change “Crop” to “Pad Black”

Is there an option to use the same project I have?
I do not have to have the Black padding if I can reduce time finalizing the project.

Also, the slideshow generator, that is the timeline window I have been using?
Or is there another window to access what you reference?

Did you follow the steps here:

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