Perspective text?

Hey I was just wondering if you guys could add text like this I know it’s not very clear in the photo but it’s got a changed perspective. You can do this in the 3D text filter but only change the perspective vertically and it would be very useful if you could change the perspective horizontally as well


I can ask for more :slight_smile: Get this perspective thing to the Size and Position filter, too. Something like “Perspective”, beyond the Distort radio button

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This has been discussed before. Look at Warp size mode in Size and Position filter

I think this is not implemented by now. If shotcut says that this is complicated, I cannot even imagine how to do it.

Maybe using HTML…

they did it vertically but i kinda need it horazontally

Hi @Tertale,
I did manage to create a similar effect in Shotcut using HTML.
However the process was a little complex.
How I did it:

  1. created a HTML file which gave this when previewed in Chrome browser (ie not in Shotcut):

  2. used the Windows Snipping tool to take a screen capture of this and saved as a JPG,

  3. In SC, put background picture on V1, Purple text screen capture on V2. Chroma-keyed out the purple.


I couldn’t apply the HTML file directly to a clip in SC because the system which Shotcut uses for HTML (WebVfx) doesn’t recognise the “transform:perspective” attribute. That’s as I understand it, anyway.

By amending the HTML file below you can change the text to whatever you like.
Perspective test 02 purple (582 Bytes)


woah that looks really cool thank you so much!

My pleasure - no problem!

It already is there, use a greenscreen with text and use the corner pin effect

Thank you for suggesting the tip, but Chroma key is not necessary and slower and less quality than a transparent color clip. You are correct about Corner Pin!

  1. add a video track if needed
  2. Open Other > Text
  3. add to track above V1
  4. adjust Filters > Text: Simple
  5. add Corner Pin video filter
  6. set its Alpha Operation to Minimum and adjust corners

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Also, the corner pin filter wasn’t available when I gave my HTML solution above. Thanks!