Warp size mode in Size and Position filter

(I know this will probably never become a thing so if it gets rejected im ok with that. I’ll make it public just for ideas)
I was thinking about if there was an addition to the size and position filter where images can be warped from the corners, kind of live giving it perspective. I made a mock up of what it could be like in gimp and ms paint

It could even become a Warp or Perspective filter on it’s own.


I second this big time. :+1:
Does mlt by any chance have this capability?

There’s a perspective filter. I wanted to try to create a UI but it seemed very complex.


Anyone know if there is any chance that it could be combined with Size and Position and the parameters controls in the Text filters?

No, it is not possible. It needs to be a separate filter, but it too can have a VUI.

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A few months ago I almost put this in as a suggestion, but “from a different perspective”. I wanted a filter that mimicked the action of a tilt-and-shift camera lens. I had mis-positioned a camera for a long shoot, and wished I had a way to command Shotcut “correct (distort) the image to be as if the camera were not here at this angle but viewing from there at that angle”. It’s the same thing, merely envisioned differently, which means that although the inner math is the same, the optimal UI is quite different depending upon the purpose.