Performance question (again)

I know there are multiple questions about performance on this forum, specifically lag while editing videos, and I believe I have addressed most of them via converting the video from variable frame rate and using preview scaling, but I’m still struggling with lots of lag for even the most basic tasks, like bringing up the background color dialog for a text object. Or clicking on File Save takes forever to even bring up the menu (all menus actually have lag before displaying). Well, not forever, like 9-10 seconds, which seem like forever since normally a pulldown menu would come up immediately. You know, it just feels like its constantly hesitating, even though Process Explorer shows plenty of CPU and ram available.

I had just finished a lot of cuts and edits to a 16 minute video, making it about 4 minutes, pretty much ok with performance for major things like even speeding up some clips, but its constantly lagging on simple tasks becomes really disruptive. I’m just wondering if there’s anything anyone knows that could make it more snappy.

My laptop is a Inspiron 7791, 16gb ram, and i’m running on a fresh reboot with just Shotcut running. thanks for any tips!

Hi @woodlands
You don’t mention turning ON proxy. Did you try it?

That sounds like something different than general video processing performance.

Maybe you could try a different Display Method.

Is your hard drive an SSD?

yes, the hard drive is SSD. The performance lag for simple tasks definitely feels like it is not related to the heavy lifting of video editing, like just changing properties of an object should be instant. Also, the Menu lag is still there even long after all video edits have stopped.

The laptop runs well on all other programs, and the file system is responsive in general. I use it pretty heavily so the difference within Shotcut is noticeable.

no i havent tried the proxy editing, and I can soon. But besides that, would having a 16 minute video in memory affect normal menu performance? Not related to any editing, just bringing up options, or as mentioned, im seeing performance delays just changing a simple property of a text object within the video

its possible there is an inconsistency in the font scaling i use? the laptop has a 125% scaling because the fonts are too small for the screen resolution. I could try switching it back.

That is a good thing to try.

Also try different Display Method and report back.

scaling fonts back to 100% had no effect. I have to try the display mode change another day, its very late right now.

But has anyone else reported this kind of delayed behavior for relatively straightforward tasks? Like I just tried a completely new project, no videos, added a simple text box, clicked on the background color selection box and it still took 9 seconds for the color selection box to appear. once i changed the color, it still took another 8 seconds for it to register after i clicked ok.

the file menu came up quicker, more normal 1 or so second

I did do a reinstall a couple months ago that could have worked for a little bit, including removing registry settings, but the problem did come back again and it feels as bad as it ever was
thanks for any other thoughts

Did you try if you have this lags with menu settings with no or just one clip loaded into the timeline?
Just want to make sure its not related to extreme video editing with too many clips or splits and excessive filtering, keyframe animations and what so ever.
Everything gets a little slower when you have many tracks and/or clips and filters etc. - i would say with .mlt-files bigger than 1000 kB.
How big is your mlt-file and what resolution is your video?

Could also be related to weird installation or graphics card settings e.g.

Sometimes there is something installed that hooks itself into the operating system that interferes:

Typically problems like this are solved with either a reboot or a reinstall with the “Clear Registry” option.

Hi Rilos,
yes, i tried with a blank project, added a simple text box only to the timeline, it still takes 10 seconds to bring up the background color selection box, although file save seems a bit quiker

videos are basically android phone edits that are converted to edit friendly

def was a clean reboot just before opening this topic, it was a final straw to get me to initiate the conversation.

I will try the reinstall again with a clear registry settings again, will let you know what happens

thanks, maybe that solution (google drive crash handler) is similar to my issue, cause i do have it running and crash handler exe is running (although not directly under shotcut, all files are local)

I had terrible problems with impossibly laggy performance, despite having a decent setup (i7; 16GB RAM; plenty of disk space; W10).
Tried most of the things recommended in the thread here without benefit.
The one thing that did work was installing an earlier version (20.07.27) which now works fine.
Apparently, some of the later updates clashed with the later OS and just wouldn’t behave.
Info on this avialble here: Multiple Installations of Shotcut - Windows 10
Anyway, it works fine for me now—if all else fails, hope it does for you, too! :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks everyone for suggestions. I still cant do the proxy editing, my schedule is crazy busy right now.

Today, I did find that it was fine for a while, I made a new short video (3 min for social media), but i left it open, did a bunch of other stuff on the computer (i tend to run 5+ programs all the time, and memory and CPU all seem ok), but returning to Shotcut, i could barely even close it with a file/save/exit - took like more than a minute to respond. Like somehow the reduced memory pool really messes with it? No CPU activity at all during this delay.

So am i just crazy to try to run anything other than Shotcut on my computer? Instead should I reboot every time i want to run it? If this is the easiest way to assure performance, i can manage that.

I guess its now a question as to whether that’s normal for others and just the nature of video editing, best with a clean system, or is there some kind of memory leak or something that’s wrong on my system?

BTW, am still enjoying the program, pretty amazing to be able to edit like this and having it open source is really sweet.


The memory Shotcut was using may have been paged out to HDD and then restored as other programs’ memory was paged out. 16 GB RAM is not really a lot for modern video editing combined with too many browser tabs combined with too many heavy pages = bad combination.

yeah, i kind of figured maybe i was being dumb about video editing needs. Still, it really seemed to go to sleep for the basic tasks like a file save (even bringing up the dialog box).

But its also Windows 10, and now 11, which always throws curve balls with all the stuff going on. Issue occurred on both OSs, btw. I always wish there was a magic bullet for this stuff, but its probably some program hooks that someone else did to the OS. Thanks again, i will just reboot if it gets slow. At least with SSD its pretty quick :slight_smile:

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