Pasting an audio clip always moves the later audio clips (no matter what ripple setting)

Please have a look to my attached video.

I just want to paste an audio clip at the playhead, but what ever ripple setting I choose, all later audio tracks get moved.

This is by design. Paste is equivalent to Insert, which is an operation that is independent or insensitive to the Ripple mode. Use the Overwrite toolbar button or keyboard shortcut instead. Not going to change.

Ok, didn’t know that, will try that.

Additional question to that: What is used for the insert/overwrite? The clip currently in “Source” or the one in the clipboard?

Currently, in Shotcut the system clipboard is not used, and Cut or Copy copies the timeline clip to the Source player, which is the source of all edit operations.


TIP: press “c” to copy a clip; “b” to paste it at the playhead - without moving other clips.

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