Parts of my video are missing after exporting

I have multiple videos that are being combined into one montage and when I export them at 25 fps they export perfectly but when I change the frame rate to 60 part of my video is just cut out and the background music is misplaced. All the video clips used are 60 fps constant frame rate and I have no idea what could be causing this problem. Any help is appreciated.

When you “change the frame rate” are you changing the Video Mode or the framerate in the Export settings?

What video mode is your project set to use?

It might be similar to this one:

Thanks so much for replying. I’m changing the frame rate in the export settings and I’m using the progressive scan mode. Could it be due to fps drops during game play? I play at 120 fps but it fluctuates from 80-120 and I’m recording at 60 so maybe that’s the problem but it doesn’t explain why 25 fps in the export settings works perfectly :confused:

Thanks for the reply. It seems that user has the same issue as me where the problem is changing the fps in the export settings.

The problem in the thread that @Jan_Novak referenced turned out to be due to Video Mode changes. “Video Mode” seems to be one of the commonly misunderstood aspects of Shotcut (by new and relatively new users).

Do you know what Video Mode your project is set at? This is not the same as the export settings, and is found in the Settings->Video Mode menu. Have you changed the Video Mode since beginning the project? I believe that that was @Jan_Novak’s issue, that upon changing the Video Mode clips wound up being moved around.

“Video Mode” is kind of like the canvas on which a painter paints, while “Export settings” are more like a camera that takes a picture of the canvas. If you change the size of the canvas once you’ve already started painting, weird things can happen. Additionally, if your Video Mode and Export framerates don’t match, the end product will either be sped up or slowed down compared to your project preview.

Once a clip is a part of your project, I’m pretty sure that Shotcut will treat it as if it has the Video Mode framerate. If Video Mode is set to “Automatic,” then the Video Mode framerate (and dimensions) will be set to match the first video that you add to the project.

I’m not sure how Variable Framerate videos fit into all this, but I’ve heard that they can cause problems.

Best practice for most users seems to be:

  1. As you start a new project, set the Video Mode to the resolution and framerate that you intend to export to
  2. Avoid using Variable Framerate videos in your project (convert them to constant framerate)
  3. Set the Export framerate and resolution to match the Video Mode
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OMG I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! Going into settings–>video mode menu and changing it to 1080p 60 fps fixed my issue thank you so much :hugs: