All clips shifted in 18.08


I’ve found this bug in v18.08.

There is a project created in v18.07 (worked fine). If I open it now in v18.08 and do some changes, save it, open again, I find out that all the clips are shifted by a second or two within their original clips - e.g.: A clip was cut out of a video between its 12-14 second - now it gets shifted to 14-16 second.

Has anybody experienced it too? Any ideas?


Update (root cause found):

I found out I had changed fps in Video Mode while testing different outputs for YouTube. Changing FPS from 30 to 24 corrupts some clips in the existing timeline but I kinda expected the application to recalculate them correctly. Is there any way how to do such a change properly or is this something I should never do on an existing timeline?

There were some fixes in v18.08 to deal with changing the Video Mode after starting a project (previously, it did not try to do much). However, that is generally not a good idea. You may or may not have better luck changing the frame rate in the Export dialog, but you should not change the resolution in either Video Mode or Export if you are using any filters that work with size, position, or HTML.

Thanks for your comment. I’ll keep that in my mind :slight_smile: