Option in medium bitrate in which maintains 60% of the bitrate automatically for h.265 videos

Could you make an export option in which 60% of the measured rate of the h.264 video is kept to convert to hevc.nvenc h.265, as I convert a lot of videos using shotcut and I have to use a calculator to get 60% of the rate media of each video to reduce file size

Is there a particular reason that transcoding is being done by bitrate rather than CRF/QP quality mode? I get that reducing file size is a goal, but if the target is arbitrary (not related to the content itself), then a 40% reduction might result in a transcode that looks terrible, wouldn’t be caught unless manually inspected, then has to be redone at a new value. Using CRF kinda gets around that.

This is a common request that we have not found a good solution for. Sometimes people will ask for an export that “perfectly matches the encoding of the source clip” or has the same GOP structure or bitrate. Unfortunately, there is so much variability among the various encoders out there that we do not have a good way to duplicate the encoding decisions that another encoder made.

One thing we do offer that might be of interest are the Custom Export Presets. If you spend some time finding a set of export parameters that you really like, you can save them as a preset so you can easily recall them later.