Option for Player to not auto-pause after seeking

In my workflow I do a lot of seeking (who doesn’t??), Forward Ten Seconds, Backward Two Seconds, click on time bar, click markers, click markers, and almost every single time I intentionally go anywhere I also have to press Spacebar to undo the automatic pause that Shotcut does. Why must I undo the automatic pause every time I do not intend such a workflow? I can already control whether I want the Player to be playing or pausing by toggling playback with the Spacebar. Why is Shotcut unconditionally overriding my explicitly set playback state? If I want the playhead to stay exactly where I seek to, I should pause first, then jump. I could see adding “automatically pause after seeking” as a convenient option, but as default–and with no other option??

My suggestion is to at the very least have any option whatsoever to change this intrusive behavior (I don’t mean intrusive as in objectively wrong–for many workflows the current default behavior is perfect–, just that it’s an immensely pervasive and imposing behavior to not be able to adjust).

There is also no way to go from some level of Fast Forward or Rewind directly back to normal playback speed, because everything in Shotcut defaults to pause!, even the play/pause UI button; thus I can’t speed up a bit with the >> button or L key, and then resume normally, because the play button turns into a pause button when Fast Forwarding or Rewinding (i.e. going anywhere with intention as opposed to just playing back). So I must once again first pause, then click again to play. This is in no way always what I want! Neither can I use a keyboard hotkey for this, since it is also not possible to have a hotkey for (only) “Play” (but there is for (only) “Pause”! ¯_(ツ)_/¯), thus the keyboard hotkey will–you guessed it–toggle to pause first. I certainly don’t want this behavior all. the. time.

If the argument against this is a lack of dev resources to implement, then okay, but as an imposition of workflow, it’s super heavy-handed.

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There is. Fast Forward and Rewind are increments and decrements respectively. For example,

L to start playing
L again does a +1 to FF
J now does -1 to resume normal speed
J again does -1 to return to 0 (pause)
J again does another -1 to start playing backward

And while playing at any speed or direction to return to normal forward playback double-tap Space.

No. There is no way to (directly) resume playback at normal playback speed from arbitrary Fast Forward or Rewind levels with a single action. This is a very frequently performed action.