Optical flow?

I was wondering if you could implement optical flow kinda like adobe did with their video editor software, upon a quick google search it appears OpenCV is used for this. From my understanding, this gives a very clean frame doubling, better than most methods at least.


In the meantime, here is an alternative using FFmpeg command line:

And here is why that filter isn’t in Shotcut already:

For my personal workflow, I create slow-mo segments outside of my timeline. Optical flow can generate a lot of unsightly artefacts (even using Premiere), and I’d rather not be surprised by them in my final Shotcut export. Given how slow optical flow is to render, I like to pre-process segments outside of Shotcut, review it, tweak it, and when it’s acceptable, import it into my timeline. I also get real-time preview playback that way. But that’s just my personal preference.

For an example of optical flow artefacts generated by Premiere, see the screenshots in this thread:

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Architectural changes are in progress for Shotcut/MLT that will one day make this possible. But it is a long road. It is unlikely to be available this year.

I tend to agree with @Austin’s comments about performing CPU intensive operations outside of the Shotcut project.