Opening Timeline "crashes" computer

What is your operating system?
Windows 10
version 23.06.14

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?

  1. Have Timeline by default pop out as a separate window on another monitor.
  2. Select View > Timeline

The timeline then opens as a separate window but the entire window is black. My computer then lags for a few seconds and then output to my monitors is completely shut off, though the computer does not shut down. Upon force shutting down the computer and restarting, only one of my monitors will display and at a very low resolution. The driver for my graphics card (RX 6700 XT) will be disabled, and I have to reenable it and restart my computer again for my displays to work properly. This has happened twice now.

Update: I uninstalled and then installed the latest version, which did not fix the problem. I then repeated this but checked “Remove settings from registry” when installing, and this fixed the issue.

That is weird. An operating system and driver should not allow an application to do that. I do not experience this problem on my Windows 11 system NVIDIA GeForce 4070. In fact, I can use the Shotcut and the timeline just fine after moving it to another screen or back into the main window. Also after swapping which window is on which screen. I think that says something about the quality of the drivers. This is a bug in your AMD driver and nothing I can fix in Shotcut. Please report it to AMD.

I tested a machine with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 in both macOS and Windows 10 with no problem. Then, I dug out and hooked up an older Windows 10 machine with an AMD Radeon RX 560, and this shows the problem with black timeline when you move it out of the main window. I also found that if I do not close the Timeline panel before closing Shotcut then a detached timeline works fine on separate screens. So, yeah, detached timeline on Radeon graphics on Windows does not work perfectly, but I could not cause a weird system issue like you.