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Good evening. I have the latest version of shotcut 23.07.29 and I’m using Windows 11.
I have an advanced project in progress. Shotcut closed while I was working on it. I can’t reopen the project. The first message I get is: “Automatic backup files exist. Would you like to restore these files now?”, then, “This project requires a newer version of Shotcut. It was created with version 23.07.29”.
I downloaded Shotcut again. I shut down my computer and restarted. It doesn’t work. What can I do? Thanks

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It seems the autosave was unable to completely save it at the same time as a crash (normally it runs independent of a crash event, on a timer). First, try to skip restoring from the autosave since that is broken. If the last saved version of the project in its original location still fails to load you need to restore a previous version from a backup.

Thank you very much. It’s ok !!

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