Opening a video with multiple audio tracks?

So I’ve been looking for ways to improve my audio quality, and one of the best ways appeared to be recording separate audio tracks. As such I’ve begun to do exactly that, recording my mic on one and my desktop on another so that editing would (in theory) then be that much easier and I could keep the audio levels properly done, as well as transfer them into wav files so audacity could edit them further as needed (Audacity’s ability to cap off the audio smoothly is something I have yet to find a way to manage in Shotcut).

However, when I tried to open the recording with multiple audio tracks in Shotcut, it didn’t have any audio tracks attached to it at all, and was in fact mute. When I opened the file as a test in a media player, it had no issue bringing up the audio, so I’m not entirely certain what step I’ve missed if any.

Does anyone had any pointers or ideas?

You can select the audio track via the properties window. One track per video/audio clip. You can have 2 clips of the same, each the different audio track selected.

Kind of backwards thinking, but it works.

When I record in OBS, I have 3 tracks going. Track 1 audio is mic + application audio mix, track 2 is mix, track 3 is application audio. Shotcut only recognizes track 1 unless I specifically set it to track 2 or 3 via properties.

Thank you very much! For some reason it’s not allowing me to export it from an .mp4 into a .wav however, any idea what could be interfering with that?

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