"Open MLT XML As Clip..." broken path

What is your operating system?

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Adding an MLT file as a clip to the project adds it with an encoded path. The clip plays fine at first (despite the file name looking weird in the timeline), but when you save the project and reload it, the “Missing Files” popup appears for the MLT file.

Thanks for your report. What is the actual file name of the .mlt file that is causing the problem?

I can duplicate the issue.
The issue can occur with any file path/name.

test 001.mlt (3.7 KB)
test 002.mlt (4.4 KB)


  • Color clip on V1 with the filter Text Simple
  • Saved to test 001.mlt
  • File → New
  • Color clip on V1 with the filter Text Simple
  • File → Open MLT XML As Clip
    • Drag from Source to V1
  • Saved to test 002.mlt
  • File-> New
  • Open File test 002.mlt

I selected test 001.mlt for the missing file dialog box, and it repaired test 002.mlt.
The repaired test 002.mlt file works fine.

Tried to insert that repaired mlt file into a new project. Saved the project before opening MLT, same behavior.
test 003.mlt (3.7 KB)

Version 22.10.22
Version 22.10.25
Windows 10 Home

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It is taking the URLencoded filename literally:

D:\D%3A%2Ftest%2001.mlt -> D:\D:/test 001.mlt

The drive (D:/) is duplicated.

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I expect this was caused by the fix for this problem:

Maybe the fix was not tested on Windows
I will let @shotcut look at it when he gets back online

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This is fixed for the next version. As a result, MLT XML with ‘%’ in their name or path cannot be used as a virtual clip, only as a main project.

Probably the fix aready covers this, but just to provide info: also happens on linux, "/"s on the path of opening mlt as a clip get converted to “%2F” escape sequence. Works if one goes to manualy replace them with "/"s in the project file.