Open MLT as a clip causes speed issue

I hav a project open with clips in, then I open an MLT as a clip but that clip and the original clip play fast - the audio on the original clip is part of the video and that plays fast too. The audio on the new clip is mp3 and plays at normal speed. In both cases the video plays fast. Anyone esle had this? I think its a bug because all settings I can see are set to video playing at 1x speed.

Yes, I have. I actually was going to start a thread on this after I discovered it while helping out in this thread:

but I wanted to do some more tests then I got busy with other things. You beat me to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

This doesn’t only make the sound faster, it seems to add and in some cases take away time from the video. From what I saw, it was 3-6 seconds give or take. This affects the export too.

The video modes of your MLT XML as Clip and the project containing it need to match. This is a known limitation that is unlikely to be fixed soon. You can change the video mode of an existing project and save it as a different MLT XML if you like. Be careful about changing the resolution and aspect ratio though as things that are sized and positioned do not adjust automatically.

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If that’s the case then how about having MLT XML as Clip under “File” be labeled as “(Experimental)” or something like that just to give some kind of warning to the user that it’s known not to be stable? Or “(Video Modes Must Match)”?

Thanks. I’ll check this out and report back.

Yep that was it! The original video was 1080p 50fps andteh imported MLT was 1080P 25fps. I corrected it and imported it fine. Thanks!

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