Opactiy filter is messed up

I cannot fathom why this program is suddenly doing this:


Why exactly does the opacity filter stop working when the second video track is removed?!?!? Why did this filter stop working when there is only one track?!?!?

Because shotcut does not support transparency when you remove the second track of the project, you need to export the video in mov to get transparency, it’s just a usual thing, don’t be too frustrated. Shotcut simply does not support transparency until you export as a movie.

P.S:- I was unable to see the video because India has blocked streamable, so we can’t open the site, can you upload the video on vimeo or YouTube and make it unlisted, then send the link, then I can see the video.

Because there is nothing to blend with. Tracks above V1 blend with V1, but V1 does not blend with a hidden black track to make it faster. If you want that make a V1 with a black color clip on it.

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