Opacity keyframe not working

I wanted to make a clip opacity fade away with the opacity key frame. Before i did this it said this would remove key frame for this parameter or something like that and i clicked no. I went on to make the key frame so it fades away and the video track clip at the bottom of the clip i put the opacity on wont show just a black screen.

You have a filter (or several filters) applied to the Output track.
This can have an influence.
It is also the V7 track and may interact with some filter of the other tracks.

theres nothing that will affect the opacity in the output section

Lately some queries are related to the filter added by mistake in the master track “output”.
Did you try to change the order of the filters (size and position and opacity)?
I can’t think of anything else. I don’t know if I can help you with something.

Of course, this is expected. Output does not blend with anything, and opacity affects the alpha channel, which is not directly visible.


and also i made the whole video in ntsc video mode due to the fact my laptop cant handle it in higher video mode. But when i want to export it, i change it to 2160 at 60 fps but the clips moves around or the video track moves slightly to the right. Is there away i can export it in a higher format without it changing like the size and position of some clips and moving it slightly out of place

You are trying to do something like preview scaling and/or proxy without using what Shotcut provides.

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