Nudge clips in timeline

Looking to nudge clips in the timeline frame by frame for synch to audio.

Not sure if its possible frame by frame but if you toggle snapping off (magnet icon) moving clip is more accurate, especially on max timeline zoom. I have managed to sync audio track with video that way. Not ideal but workable.

Thanks, Chopped. I already work with snapping off but hadn’t really thought about zooming in for accuracy.

Here’s a work around - Use the Alt-Rt Arrow key to find the end of your track. With the timeline cursor at that end spot and Snapping ON, tap Rt Arrow a few times to move the cursor then slide the track to the right till it snaps to the new location. Each arrow click moves the cursor one frame. Check your alignment and repeat if necessary. Perform the opposite operation to move the track to the left in the timeline. Zooming up will also help you see the movement better.