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As most of you, probably, I take a lot of notes as I’m working on a project. I’m not talking about a script I do before the project, but small notes I take while editing. Like screen coordonates I want to remember when using keyframes, color codes, clips lenght etc…

I usually write those notes on a piece of paper or use Windows Notepad.

But I was thinking that it would be nice if one day, when they run out of things to add or improve, the developers could give Shotcut a note-taking feature.

Look for yourself, I’ve already done half of the work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please try to remember that the Shotcut project file is “mlt” and not “mtl”. You can say “melt” to yourself to try to remember. I have edited a couple of your tutorial posts to correct this in the past. Thank you for your contributions.

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“melt”. Go it. Won’t happen again.

There sort of is a note feature already in Shotcut.
Click on any file, then Properties.
There is a comments section. It’s not very large, but it works.
Not sure how much text you can fit in there. Only 4 lines will show with no ability to resize.

I’ve been using a stand alone notebook software called NoteTab Light. I’ve been using this for many years, with 3 tabs I use every single day. I’ve blurred the file names to hide sensitive information.
It’s basically a tabbed version of Windows Notepad.


I’ll check it out, thank you.

I not only agree with this suggestion, I actually had the exact same idea for a while. :grinning: I hadn’t suggested it because I’ve suggested a bunch of other stuff and I don’t know if that bothers @shotcut. Just like how @MusicalBox has it there is how I was thinking.

It would be like its own icon in that icon list that is found with Open File, Open Other, Save, Undo, Redo, Peak Meter, etc… so it can be pressed and the window would pop up where you placed it or have it floating. This suggestion is different than the existing comment space found in the clip properties because this would be its own window and have much more space to write in. Writing comments in the clip properties is fine for just notes on one clip but having an actual Notes window would serve as notes for the whole project which means it can also be found much easier and faster. It’d be really useful for so many use cases!

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Thank you for your support @DRM :slight_smile:

I found myself here after looking around to see if there might be a note feature I had missed. I had been thinking along the lines of an optional notes window that would be available in each project. One that could be docked or undocked, I find myself jumping in to do something when I have a few extra minutes. I think of something I might want to do, an idea I might get excited about, and unless I write it down, it’s gone in minutes after I close the project. I know I should open some sort of app to take a note or write it down on scratch but…I rarely do. I’m not a coder but happy to help if there’s any way I could… thanks

There was a recent thread suggisting something like this, along with several suggestions of what can be done at present. See:

@Elusien you’ve just created an endless loop where people will get caught in…
In the thread you suggest I posted a link to get here… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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A bit like the box office hit “Groundhog Day”, or He Wen’s “Enless Loop” movie.