Add comments to Project

When I finish a project, I usually delete the sources. I would like to be able to add a comment to the project (for example, specify a link to the sources in the comment, define other working stuff). At the moment I’m doing this using a Readme file in the project directory. Is there any other way?

The best option, it seems to me, is to add a field for entering a comment to the project when creating a project. And so that the text of the comment is saved in mlt

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This is not the best practice, I save all my original videos on my external drive, when I finish a project. Because of doing this, I always have access to highest quality videos later.

I suggested something similar a couple of years ago.

I proposed a tab that could be added beside Playlist, Filters, Properties, etc…

But I recently saw in another editor that the Notes tab is located in the same area as the Source tab and the Project tab. I kind of prefer that idea now.

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When you delete your sources, your project file is broken. When you attempt to open it in Shotcut, you will be presented with an error message with an option to locate the missing source files. Since you deleted the sources, you will have to ignore the error message, the resulting project will be useless. How will a comment help you at this point? The sources are deleted and the project is unrecoverable.

Maybe @arquette means that when the project is all finished and exported, he/she deletes the source files from the computer (to save space maybe). Maybe the files are stored on cloud services or an external drive and he/she needs to take notes of the location of these files to recover them if he/she ever needs to re-open the project.

I think it might be best to manage that situation outside of the project file. Because the user would still need to attempt to open a broken project file to read the comment. A README file in the root directory of the project makes more sense to me for this situation.

I agree. But whatever the reasons @arquette have to delete source files, it is besides the subject of this thread. What do you think of the idea?

When I originally suggested it 2 years ago, the only feedback I got from a developer was that I misspelled .mlt

I made edited video from bd-rips, so i cannot hold sources even on external drives - too big sources. For example, one anime series it is 9 hours of video, more than 100 GB of sources.

If sources accessible via torrents - this is not the problem. But i need to know where i can get the sources. Thats why i need a comment or description field in a project.

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Well, well… I wasn’t very far, was I? :slight_smile:

Yes. You said my wishes in a graphical way:)

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You can save your files on google drive with a google one plan of 2tb. Or any other server you like.

I currently use just 100GB, because that’s also too much for me right now. But I am planning to also upgrade the plan in future.

More workarounds:

  • Add a color clip to the playlist, rename it “Notes” and add comments into there.
  • Want text formatting too? Add the Text: Rich filter to the color clip.
  • Open the project in a text editor and enter XML comments.

I like this one.

Nice workaround. I used it at last project. Thank you.

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