Normalize: Two Pass added to track

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Ubuntu 18.04

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This bug is the result of this discussion: First Bass&Treble and then Normalise: Two Pass or vice versa plus some strange buzzing - #74 by Micha

It’s possible to add Normalize: Two Pass filter to track (when pasting it) and then shotcut behaves like it’s working. Even before export it asks it to reanalyse the audio clips. However Normalize: Two Pass filter is not being applied.

In my opinion it’s terrible BUG. As either (option 1) it should not be possible to paste Normalize: Two Pass to track, either (option 2 - RECOMMENDED) it should be possible to add/paste Normalize: Two Pass to track and it should work for all audio clips being on this track. It can be probably easily added in some kind of loop.

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how you are feeling about it, is not very useful for the developers it is just noise that make it hard to see what is going on.

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I do not consider it a terrible bug that you can circumvent a limitation.

@TimLau, sorry man, everything what is needed is included in my bug report. I can only add that it’s repeatable but it’s probably well know for developers. And feelings are also important as the number of bugs in shotcut exceeds my level of patience. I don’t recall using any other software having so many bugs as shotcut… To create and develop Shotcut might be a good idea but if number of bugs is so high then user experience is terrible… And it’s also probably quite unpleasant for developers as despite putting a lot of effort the result is so… so… Sometimes it’s good to look on the software through the eyes of end user…

Sorry man, I’m deeply surprised by what you are writing.

Limitation would be then if it would not be possible to use Normalize: Two Pass for track in the sense that from user interface it’s not possible to add this to track. Then it would be limitation and I would agree with that.

However it’s SOMETHING FULLY DIFFERENT if using user interface (so from end user perspective) you can add Normalize: Two Pass to track and additionally when shotcut behaves like it is working (ex. it asks before export if to re-analyze audio clip) and then suddenly you discover it’s not working. For me it’s a BUG.

If you don’t want to extend Normalize: Two Pass to work for track, remove at least all possibilities to add this to track!

All software has bugs, and video editing has a lot of moving parts, I use a lot of open source software and I don’t fell that shotcut is buggy, it is free and nobody is forcing you to use it.
The way of open source is that you can contibute your time to help make it better, by helping solving bug, helping end user and help out in other ways.

I am not denying it is a bug. I have known about it for a while just never got around to do anything about it.

@shotcut, Well, so I’m even more surprised. As it seems that blocking adding the possibility to add this to track doesn’t seem to be a huge thing (even if it’s not probably the preferred solution as here it would be to make it working on track level). However impact of having filter which doesn’t work and which is not so easily noticeable might be much bigger. I’m furious as I spend so many days of work and I can put everything to the trash. But other guys might be as well. Just imagine that you want to make sth for some tv or internet service. They give to you quite precise technical specification of expected input. You deliver and… you fail because you haven’t noticed that one of filters is not working. Sometimes there is no second chance…

This is fixed for the next version by ignoring clip only filters when paste to a track.