No video thumbnauls in timeline

I watch thumb in start, center and in the end of timeline only.
How to enable that feature for every “frames” and not for start/end only?

Not entirely sure what you are after.
You can turn thumbnails on and off in the timeline.

No option to view every single frame as thumbnails in the timeline.

Just to be clear, the only way to show a thumbnail for EVERY frame would be to zoom in to the point that each frame is large enough on the timeline to actually see a thumbnail. I suppose one might be able to edit at that level of zoom all the time, but I would find it challenging - I only zoom in to that level when I really, really need frame-by-frame granularity, and that only rarely.

I suspect what you are really asking is for a series of thumbnails to be generated across the visible track, such that each thumbnail is taken from that point in the track. E.g., if the video is 10min in length, and there is room visually for 10 thumbnails, the first thumbnail would be taken from frame 00:00:00, the second from 00:01:00, the third from 00:02:00, and so on. Of course, the longer the video or the more zoomed out the view, the more spaced out the sample points would be.

I remember seeing something like that in at least one other editor that I started out using, and I recall briefly wondering why ShotCut didn’t do the same … but honestly, after that initial thought, I haven’t ever missed them. For my uses, they were nothing more than decoration; they didn’t actually serve a functional purpose. In theory I could see where something like this could be useful to try to find a specific area in a long video … but I could also imagine that the specific thing I am looking for would happen to fall “between” the thumbnail samples.

Bottom line: for me, not anything I fee much need for … but if enough others want this, and if it is reasonably easy to code AND does not impose significant penalty on the editing experience, I wouldn’t object. But of course, I’m not a developer (though I hope to start contributing one of these days), so it is not up to me. :slight_smile:

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