No text after update

Hi guys,

Just starting to learn Shotcut, but with the new update I can’t seem to put any text over my video. I’ve tried both the 3D and the plain text, but neither actually gives me any text over my vid. The clip IS selected, but there’s just no text.
Any helpw ould be greatly appreciated!

Can you post a screenshot of the problem you’re having?

What operating system are you using?

And, just in case, because it can never be said too often… is GPU Processing selected? :slight_smile: (it shouldn’t be)

I don’t even have the option to select TEXT anymore with update. Just 3d text.

If you have
selected then you will not have the text filter.
Uncheck GPU and you will have the text filter.

says my file has GPU effects in it and wont open file unless i turn it on, how do i get rid of GPU effects?

This thread will help you get rid of the GPU effects.

It requires some effort to remove the effects.

Every time you use the WebVfx setting for the HTML Overlar filter you get a warning message asking you to confirm that you really know what you are doing.

Time after time I see newbies using the experimental GPU setting and getting into trouble

Do you not agree that a similar warning, explaining the dangers of using this experimental feature, and asking you to confirm that you know what you are doing, be a good idea?

Nothing teaches better than screwing up hours of editing :smiley:
In any case, no-one is forcing people to use free software or to not proceed with caution by first testing suitability.

Thankfully this problem solved itself! Just needed to restart the program (a few times). Thanks for all the tips!