No sound while editing videos with shotcut

hi, I’ve just installed shotcut to do basic video editing. Everything seems to work fine except that I can’t hear the sound of the videos while editing. Is there a sound setting somewhere ? The audio is working fine with other software so I don’t understand what’s going on


Which OS are you using?
The audio stream may not be supported.
Tell us about the file type you’re using?

You can use MediaInfo to find out your file’s encoding details.

Also, make sure that Shotcut’s audio track isn’t muted and the volume slider is correctly adjusted.

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Thank you @Steve_Ledger! I had the same question and your answer about showing the volume control did the trick. Although this is a simple solution, I couldn’t find the answer anywhere in the Shotcut FAQ or other areas. Perhaps anyone who manages Shotcut documentation can add this in.

I’m having the same problem with sound, and I have checked all the audio icons to make sure they are on. I have muted the video tracks, but that shouldn’t affect the audio files, as far as I can see. If I make a new project, the audio is there. The audio files are all mp3. I have Windows 10OS. Thanks for any suggestions.

Yeah, I have the same problem, I was editing and then I paused the video, I must have done something (I’m not sure what though) and then suddenly the audio didn’t work. If I open another project then the sound does work and if I download the video then the sound doesn’t work either so it has to be something I must have done and can reverse? I’m using windows 10OS. I hope anyone can help.

I’m late to the party but I just had the same problem and I’m sure others will in the future…
I made sure the audio icon was not X’d out on the timeline.
I made sure the “Mute” filter was off.
Finally found the problem was the audio slider under the preview window (R side, above Timeline). The numbers are in MINUS dB, so sliding the slider up toward zero brought the audio back. I have no idea how this got changed in the first place, since this is my first attempt at doing anything with audio on Shotcut.
Hope this helps.


I am using shotcut to do simple videos with a voice recording and a photo. The sound seems to go out randomly once in every 3 or 4 videos. I have uploaded over 100 videos and will have to redo quite a few of them.

@Sharon_Ketchersid your issue is probably different than the original problem, which was hearing sound in Shotcut. You should probably start a new thread with your issue. Include the Shotcut version number you’re working with.