No sound coming from Shotcut

I have been using Shotcut for several weeks now and just ran into this problem a few days ago. When I put in an audio file (I’ve tried multiple file versions - wav, mov, mp3, M4A, etc.), no sound comes when I press play, regardless of whether it’s just in the preview screen, or after I’ve put it into the audio output row.

The speaker icon is unmuted and at a high volume for the preview screen and for the audio output row in the timeline. I’ve also tried different audio channels in Settings. Mono, stereo, and 5:1. Sound hasn’t worked with any of those.

This was happening before I updated to the latest version of Shotcut that came out in late March. I just updated today and this sound issue is still happening.

Also, sound works from any other source on my computer (Youtube, different audio files that are stored in my audio folder, etc.).

I’ve used audio files with videos before and it’s worked fine. I’m not sure what changed or maybe there’s something I did. I think I first noticed it when I tried uploading the M4A file? Not sure if that’s accurate or if that would even make sense as a cause for this issue.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

You don’t say what OS you are running. Windows has a way of setting audio volume per app. It may be that somehow the volume for Shotcut has been set low or to zero. See below. To change it search for “App volume”:

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Yes! Thank you! No idea why or how the Shotcut app got set to 0 volume under these set of preferences but I adjusted it back to normal and now it works!

Btw, the OS is Windows 10.