"No Qt platform plugin could be initialized"

Shotcut 23.05.07, Windows 10

new shotcut is extremely unstable.

i am confronted with this error whenever I add images, any time i attempt to export if gpu effects is enabled, or (personally the most bothersome bit) add text, and then shotcut crashes.

from what i gather it could be because either python or node.js are not installed on this system, but i’m not sure of that

Have a go with updating your video card drivers if any are available. Maybe it will fix it.

nvidia driver is latest; there was a BIOS update but it did not help much

Maybe related to this previous topic which apparently never had a resolution:

I suggest to try to re-download/re-install. Do you use the Windows installer? Or do you extract the portable zip?

I suggest to download the portable zip package fresh and try that.

i get the issue with the windows installer; seems to work much better on the portable zip

This suggests you experienced a bad install because they are the exact same build. The installer is simply a fancy zip extractor.

The installer has an option “Remove Old Program Files.” If you turned that off it could be a problem, but it even if you did not there can be a problem sometimes if files are locked. Usually, the installer complains about that. In any case, the sure way to get a clean reinstall is to first reboot, do not start Shotcut, and then reinstall.

looks like this is exactly it. first install never gave me any errors so i had no way of knowing it was a bad install, but reboot and reinstall fixed the issue

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