Issue opening saved project files QT platform plugin

Hi all,
Suddenly having an issue opening saved projects.
Get this error message. Even does it when creating new saved projects as a test.
Any advice? All working fine on my windows laptop but windows PC has just started doing it.

shotcut issue

For the record i’ve tried reinstalling, rebooting, etc.

I recommend a general web search on “application failed to start because it could not load qt platform plugin windows” as there may be multiple causes that are most likely not due to Shotcut itself.

For example, installing another application that uses Qt libraries could have broken Shotcut; see

Also, does Shotcut start and run if you do not double-click a project file to launch it? Locate the app icon or shotcut.exe and double-click. If so, you need to fix your file association. Shotcut’s installer does not register its file extension; you had to do that, and maybe that no longer works.

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