No longer displays MP4

Hi, I recently updated the latest edition of shotcut on my pc, I’m running windows 7 pro 64bit on an core i5 8gig ram system.

Since updating, shortcut no longer works. It looks fine until opening up a video file. It plays sound for the video but is not rendering the video???

I have tried maunnually activating display method registery files, I have also tried downloading the desktop version and running it from from source applying OpenGL mode etc but still the same issue persits.

I though that by reinstalling an older version of ShortCut would have sorted the problem but apparently not.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks

This is an OpenGL compatibility issue because everything that uses OpenGL is a black box, while everything else is fine. See Settings > Display Method

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Thanks again, I will have another go via software, but what i can’t understand is why was it working fine until the update and why when rolling back to an earlier version it still no longer works?

I do not know what versions you are talking about. There are many of them. Nothing changed in this area in the last year and half to cause this except perhaps the default setting for Display Method, which it seems like you did not even try.
It works fine for me on all my systems. It is downloaded nearly a million times a month, and there are not thousands complaining about this particular problem. I cannot tell you exactly why it is not working for you any more. You can debug it yourself, use the older version and keep trying new versions, or just use something else.

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thank you,
i’ve noticed an error on the appication log:
[Warning] [consumer 0x572b690] The DeckLink drivers not installed.
Could this be the issue? What is decklink?

A DeckLink is a model of a specialized video card for video output separate from your desktop. It is completely optional and unrelated to your problem.

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By the way I did follow instructions you provided before re changing the display method, i couldn’t do it via the program install but did it via the portible file, i replied to let you know that the problem persited. I am trying this again,I have moved the corrosponding registery files to the portible shotcut folder, i figured if i double clicked ‘software mesa’ file that it might ensure everything was configured correctly, however I get an error message saying that it is not a valid win32 registery file (or something to that effect)…

On the Display Methods help page that contains the registry files, there is not one named software mesa. There is one named Shotcut use Software GL.reg that does work:

See also the Configuration help page and the key opengl.

Cheers Dan, it did seem to add the which ever selected file to the registery when i first tried last week, however it did not solve the issue. I thought i would try again in case i missed someting, but now when selecting it shows an error:

This is a problem with file associations on your windows. Notice it says not a valid application. Of course it is not an app; it is a data file. Open the register editor and use import.
Sorry but I am no longer available to help you further with your issue.

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