Newbie Q2: Swapping video image shown between 1 of 3 tracks

I am making a video of myself playing 3 different concertinas (like an accordion). I have the tracks lined up and the audio of the three instruments synchs so it sounds like a trio. I play a tune for English Country Dance 3x, and, for frosting on the cake, I want the video’s image to swap between the 3 different instruments, each on a different track. Before I tried this, when I previewed or exported the video, whatever track was highlighted would be show throughout the video. Now that I’ve tried to segue between showing the different images, I’ve ended up with a black screen in two of the sections.
I keyframed the dark sections and set Brightness there to 0, but left the desired third of the track that was to show that instrument unfiltered, except for the fades inherited from the prior version. Things look like this:

You’ll see my filter settings. What I wanted was the video to begin showiing the image marked A for the first third, then B for the second third, and finally C. A & B show up black, but the screen comes alive when I get to C.

Help; please?

Turning the Brightness to 0 just turns the clip to black. So it covers everything under it with black. Shouldn’t you use the Opacity filter instead ?

You can do that, but I do not recommend it for performance reasons as it must blend the video. It is better to remove and trim clips on the upper video tracks to expose the top-most video track that you want.

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@shotcut True !
@sdean7855 So your timeline should look something like this (no filters)

@sdean7855 said he used keyframes on Brightness. I was thinking he wanted to adjust the level of brightness on the clips. My suggestion of using Opacity instead of Brightness was based on that.

We had a discussion about this in another thread and there is a tutorial available for using 2 cameras. (Link below).

Keeping synchronisation during editing is the challenge.

If you have 3 synchronised tracks, create a 4th to be used for the active camera. Use track 3 for the main view.
Copy the required sections from tracks 1 & 2 up to the top track.
The bottom 2 tracks can be hidden before exporting.

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My thanks to MusicBox and Hudson555x. I attempted to run before I could walk, not understanding the order of display and the use of opacity instead of darkness. Thanks for your help and patience with what I’m sure was to your an elementary misunderstanding. 'Preciate. My video is now done and in the can.

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Dan, thanks so much for this wonderful program and the help from you and others. Yes, the way I did had pretty intense computational load…the last 5% takes 5-10 minutes.
What I did had all three sound tracks (more or less) in sync. I would have had to do the soundtrack separately or perhaps in an external program (I do have Audition from the day that I was flush) to lay out the video as you suggest. Each of the 3 tracks has its own soundtrack, playing the same music on a different instrument…

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I’m glad you could find help in my suggestions. And don’t hesitate to come back when you need more help. We all started from zero.

I like your video. As you might guess, I’m a big fan of music, even if I don’t play any instrument.

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