New video with many problems

Here is a new video. Welt ist Klang - 2022 = World is sound. (Don’t worry, there is no talking here).

It wasn’t that easy, Shotcut crashed at least 50 times in the three days I was editing it. First I used the original m2t files (1440x1080, 25fps), then Shotcut crashes every few minutes. Then converted everything, no better. Then redid everything. First converted the m2t to mp4 and started the whole project again: 9 tracks with the clips, each about 50 seconds, but each split about 50 times, then selected the appropriate clips and rendert the video. Shotcut is also overwhelmed with the mp4 for me. Strange, because otherwise with me Shotcut has never made problems.

I have addressed the issue here:

Nevertheless, I was able to finish the project. But I’m very glad that with my other projects, which usually have only one or two tracks, I never have these problems.


Oh my holy f*** goddes! :smile:

Weird, Wacky, yet Wonderfull. How did you ever think of doing this?

Hahahahaha! Did you wear a different shirt each time, or spin the dial on the Hue filter?

This reminded me of a particularly painful experience :woozy_face:

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Love it, very nice :grinning:

Hello Austin,
Well, of course, each time put on a different shirt. You can also see that in the different texture of the fabric. Using a filter to change Hue - then the project would have given me little pleasure. Oh the sound is of course only the one created by the zipper, only with some reverb.
But don’t worry, I only changed the shirt 7 times, and then filmed it open and closed a hundred times each.
And then Shotcut was overwhelmed to cut the 7 clips into a hundred little pieces to then make this video.
The increase was important to me - but where to go? Maximum speed? But then what? Well, the video found a solution.


It’s hard to say. The recording is from 2014, hence the old video HDV format: m2t.
I’ve always found sounds very interesting. A zipper sounds weird, and even weirder on repeat. But how can I make a video out of it that doesn’t bore me to death? The rhythm is one way. But how to deal with it? Time remap? No way, it all has to happen in front of the camera, not in the virtual world of software. Software is very important for me to make my experiences and thoughts visible. That’s why I’m a videophile.
Then I experimented with colored jackets, with this and that. But how boring would the video be if you could clearly see that there’s someone wearing a different jacket all the time, that would be too obvious, it has to be more subtle. And then a gray jacket with the less visible colored shirts was the solution.

Pro tip, y’all… THE VIDEO PLAYER CAN DO 2x SPEED!! I played it loud at 2x and my dog went berserk.

Hmmm - i was wondering what is the overall message to the world?

Hommage to the invention of the zipper? :rofl: :upside_down_face:

I love Wikipedia’s description of a zipper. The first point states rather clinically that it may:

  • increase or decrease the size of an opening to allow or restrict the passage of objects, as in the fly of trousers or in a pocket;
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Well, even if it seams obvious, my advice is to make sure no object is in the way when decreasing the size of the opening.

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A message to the world - there is no such thing. Nor has it yet been clarified which world we are talking about. Doesn’t everyone have their own? Doesn’t everyone live in their own world?
I have chosen this video because it creates a tension in me while watching it, which is constantly rising. Then you ask yourself, that is, I ask myself, where is this going? Even faster than the fastest, we can not be the end. But what? And then it dissolves: Back, slowly and clearly back. This solution has arisen by chance while editing.
And now, looking at the video, I already wonder what it may be a symbol of. Futility? Aesthetics even with an everyday and unpleasant sound? Diversity??
The sensation everyone must determine for himself. And if there is no emotion at all, then the art has not reached its viewer. The artist must live with the risk.

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Thank you, this is a very interesting aspect that I had not consciously considered before. But this aspect has something to do with my life. I always try to open something, to explore, to understand, to see and then suddenly everything is over.
Were the efforts in vain? No, I don’t see it that way, because any waking up from our dreams (day and night dreams) is a great gain.
The bursting of an illusion is something I long for.

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I suffered the same fate when I was a kid, etched in my memory forever.

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